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      • 产品介绍
      • 技术参数
      • 配置优势
      GradeDensityT.R.SHardnessPerformance & application recommendedApprox Grades in China
       YM614.9215090.6Good wear resistance, used for hard wood, used for processing original wood, aluminum section bar, brass rod and cast iron.YG6
       YM6A14.9186092.0Has   wear resistance higher than YG6, used for processing hard wood,   original wood, aluminum section bar, brass rod and cast iron.YG6A
       YM814.7232089.5Suitable   for fabricatig of machine parts, tools and wear parts, such as nozzles,   centers,guiding devices,upsetting dies and perforating tools.YG8
       YM1514.0250087.5Used for punch dies,stamping dies and wear resistance parts.YG15
       YM2013.5280085.5Used as wear parts, sheets and some mechanical components.YG20

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