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      • 产品介绍
      • 技术参数
      • 配置优势
      GradeDensityT.R.SHardnessPerformance & application recommended
       YM6X14.95180091.5For drawing steel and nonferrous wires or bars of less than ¢6.00mm under not so much stress.
       YM614.95190090.5For   drawing steel, nonferrous alloy bars of less than ¢20.00mm under more   stress and also for drawing tubes of less than ¢10.00mm.
       YM814.8220089.5For drawing steel and nonferrous bars and tubes, also for manufacturing mechanical parts, tools and wear parts.
       YM1514.0280087.0For drawing steel bars and tubes with a high reduction rate and for manufacturing anvils, drilling and punching and impacting.

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