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      Company goal: to be the most professional electronic manufacturer of circuit board slicing knife.

      Zhuzhou Sanxin Cemented Carbide Production Co., Ltd. left off in the Xiangjiang River in South China Sea - the beautiful Zhuzhou, is a has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality certification system, large private high-tech enterprises in Hunan Province, specializing in carbide materials and Carbide products, production, sales and research and development, the most competitive products are carbide tool, "Sanxin"trademark was awarded the "Hunan Province. " The team more than ten years of efforts, has established cemented carbide product development, production and processing of the sound production system, while a number of patents in related fields. Advanced processing, testing equipment and leading process technology to ensure product quality. Products from raw materials to a depth of processing one-stop service and dedication to meet customer needs.

      Companies adhering to the "focus" "determined" "aggressive, " "innovation", "to provide customers with products, for exceeding customer expectations"is our eternal goal, we will adhere to the "quality of life"and" service creates value ", and You to develop.